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Eastern Women’ Committee of Fifty Honors JCF

Jeremiah Castille Foundation was honored by The Eastern Women’s Committee of Fifty on June 8, 2013, at their annual awards luncheon at The Club in Birmingham, Alabama.  Jeremiah Castille Foundaton was the Eastern Women’s Committee of Fifty 2012- 2013 Partner of the Year.  The foundatiion was presented a check from the proceeds of  the EWCF annaul fundraisers. Jeremiah and his wife, Jean, attended the luncheon and gratefully accepted the award.

The Eastern Women’s Committee of Fifty, a 501(c)3 corporation organized in 1986, participates in the cultural, civic and charitable development of the Eastern community of Birmingham. Partnering with the community to support charitable organizations allows them to enrich the lives of many.

Thank you, Eastern Women’s Committee of Fifty, for your support and belief in Jeremiah Castille Foundation.  We were honored to be recognized by such a fine group of women and will forever cherish our relationship.

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