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Luke Allen

Member, Jeremiah Castille Foundation Board of Directors

Luke Allen is a Hoover resident with a wonderful family, wife Ali Allen, daughters Mae Allen & Savannah Allen and son Luke Allen.

Luke currently holds the President position at OHD LLLP where he leads their global business efforts and overall company management. Jeremiah and Luke have a long relationship beginning through his wife at Briarwood Christian High School in the early 2000’s.

In 2004 Jeremiah and Jean performed the Marriage counseling and Wedding ceremony for Luke and Ali in Boca Grande, FL. Jeremiah has since taken on a lead mentorship position in Luke’s life with regular accountability and connection on Biblical principles of being a solid Husband, Father, and Follower of Christ.

Luke has personally experienced the great ministry of the Castille Foundation and has seen this ministry bless others around the U.S. through the many aspects of the ministry. He looks forward to what God has in store for this blessed Ministry and for the Castille’s in the future.



Book:  Unbroken

Food:  Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinders

Movie: Sandlot

Song: Finger Poppin Time

Time of Day:  All

Season: Fall

Place in the World: America

Place to Pray: Mountains

Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Working Out

Scripture: The Entire Book of James

Sports Team: Alabama Football & Chelsea Football Club

Sport: American Football



Birthday: December 18

Nickname: LA

Where were you born? Birmingham

Where do you live now? Birmingham

Best Thing Someone Said to You: I Love You

Life Motto:  Winners Do What Losers Find Too Difficult

Three People I’d Like to Meet: Mark Twain, George Washington & George Washington Carver

My Heroes: Jesus Christ – Paul – George Washington – My Father – Jeremiah Castille

One of My Greatest Experiences with God:  His leading through the adoption of our Son from Ethiopia

Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I love to study and understand History

Why I believe in the ministry of the Jeremiah Castille Foundation: I believe there are very few investments more important than the investment into our youth.  Many times, there are limited positive role models available for our youth to mirror. The work that Jeremiah Castille Foundation performs is vital in assisting the communities in filling those roles as well as empowering them to impact our youth.  The foundations work with the University of Alabama and the young men impacted will leave a legacy of influence for generations.

Luke Allen
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