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Otis McGee

July 5, 2009

Otis McGee Calera, AL

Jeremiah Castille Foundation P.O. Box 382514 Birmingham, AL 35238-2514

To: Jeremiah Castille Foundation,

I met Jeremiah in 1998 at a Men’s Summer Camp at Briarwood Church. Jeremiah Castille trained and prepared young men for college. After his trainings, he would teach and talk about becoming a leader and tell us that we are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26). I asked Jeremiah to become my mentor in 1998. During his mentoring, I was able to attend college and graduate from Brewton Parker College in Mt. Vernon, GA.

Now, I currently work in Birmingham at Coke-Cola and run a successful network marketing business. Jeremiah taught me the importance of being sexually pure and to trust God for my wife. I became abstinent in 1998 and for over ten years, I dedicated my body to the Lord. I got married on June 21st, 2008, to Ashley McGee. The mentoring, marriage counseling and understanding of God’s word continues to help me become a great husband and future father. Through Jeremiah and Jean Castille’s marriage counseling, my wife and I are able to mentor and counsel other couples today.

Growing up in the inner city and in a single-parent home, I personally know the great need for more young Christian men to become examples for youth in our communities. Jeremiah Castille Foundation allows us to go hand in hand loving, mentoring, supporting, and filling the void of a father’s love to the fatherless. This mentoring and love will statistically impact and effectively combat crime, dropouts, and ultimately deaths for our young generation. Statistics show a sixty percent chance, between the ages of 13-21, that a black male will be killed by another black male. If it were not for Jeremiah Castille and the work of the foundation, I could have been a part of this statistic.

Sincerely, Otis McGee Otis McGee.pdf

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