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Romeo Penn

Romeo Penn Mentee

To Whom it May Concern,

I am honored to write this letter on behalf of Jeremiah Castille.  My name is Romeo Penn and I am an adopted child that knows what it means to be fatherless.  I know the pain of not knowing the woman who birthed me.  However, my life is now a life filled with passion, purpose and power. The needs an earthly father provides is crucial, for out of the role of an earthly father comes the transfer of passion, purpose and power.  Even though I had wonderful parents who adopted me, something was missing.  I later found that something in Jeremiah Castille.  Tucked away in a quiet, five foot nine inch frame is what my heavenly Father wanted me to receive.  When I think of mentorship and fathering, I think of Jeremiah.  He mentors the right way, life-on-life.  He not only shares the Word of God, he transfers his passion, purpose, and power.

The passion that Jeremiah carries is contagious.  The passion of Christ inside of him ignited a fire inside of me that stands true to this day.  That same passion enables me to praise God regardless of how things look.  I saw my mentor praise God through thick and thin, and that same passion is alive in me. When I think of purpose, I think of helping others.  The reason of course is that I saw Jeremiah take care of others with a compassionate heart.  Again, seeing this and learning how to care for others was crucial in my development.

Another quality that was transferred through the mentorship-father relationship was simply power.  I can recall a number of times seeing situations that looked and sounded hopeless; however, there was power demonstrated to overcome all obstacles.  Yes, that was also added to my account.  So, quite honestly, had it not been for the Father placing Jeremiah in my life, I would not be living out the passion, purpose, and power the Father ordained for me to walk.

In closing, when a person is willing to submit to authority, there is a divine transfer of what God entrusted with that person.  In reality, my life today is successful because of the divine transfer of passion, purpose, and power through Jeremiah Castille.  There are more Romeo Penn’s out there who need these three qualities and Jeremiah is the right man for the task. He is a true mentor and Godly, earthly father.  Hope was revealed through his investment in me.

Much love, Romeo Romeo_Penn.pdf

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